Why does the snowflake icon light up on the dashboard in autumn

I think many car owners of foreign cars, with the arrival of autumn cold, noticed that a new icon in the form of a snowflake lit up on the dashboard. Someone did not pay attention, and someone immediately went to the Internet to look for what this means, since it is very annoy. But in fact, it has some advantages for the driver. The snowflake can be used as a deterrent against theft. In addition, the snowflake can be used as a present, as it allows you to quickly determine in advance what you will need in the car in case of bad weather. In the autumn heat, the snowflake barely melts, but in the morning it forms a protective ring around the dashboard. And in cold or rainy weather, the ribbon quickly descends into a soggy layer. A small snowflake can be removed with a sliver of a knife. Then cut into squares and spread out on the surface as much as possible. This allows you to quickly assess the condition of the interior and take appropriate measures. We do exactly the same when removing the sticker from the glass. We take strips of newspaper and carefully remove the sticker, then put them in squares. The outer layer is smoothed out with a cloth. Then we put the snowflake masking tape on, but before that, we carefully remove the tape, so that it is completely covered with tape. We do this for a couple of minutes, so the tape can melt and the glass will be protected from icing. It would seem that the owners of the "naked" car carefully peel off the stickers, but in fact they just spread them around the glass and bound them with duct tape! I would like to wish you a successful holiday season and a smooth New Year to all! If you liked the advice or have been using it yourself for a long time, then SHARE it in social networks.