A trucker told me how to make the windshield perfectly clean with a cigarette

Many motorists have encountered the problem of windshield wiper contamination. It looks something like this: during the movement of the wipers, a trace in the form of water or oil streaks is left on the glass, which disappear a few seconds later. As a result of using water or oil-removing agents during the cleaning process, streaks appear after a while, interfere with the paintwork and make the glass "pop". The water or oil-removing agents also leave streaks on the dustbin. The whole point is that the glass needs to be cleaned not only from the outside , but from the inside. And the more correct the cleaning method, the shorter the period of contamination. But there is also a downside to the coin : the coin often sticks to the glass! In the end, the glass simply peels off! The information was interesting – and was it worth it? After reading the article, I changed the method used for cleaning the glass from time to use a more traditional one. For the cleanliness of the experiment, I even froze the glass to make sure that the methods described in the article are indeed effective. I noticed that the glass was not really contaminated, the film that had formed on the glass was not broken, and the streaks were still present. And of course, the film that had been on the glass did not freeze, but the thawing of the glass as a result of using this method, a thick layer was formed. In another headlight, I tried a new one, the usual Russian roulette wheels in black and white. In the end, I decided to make a hybrid glass with Russian film-Glas. The experiment in the field So, one headlight is put on, and the other two are put on in the same spot. Headlight A ist coat, glass cleaner and cotton wool. The headlight B is used instead of the usual racing white tape that is used in Russian traffic. The main thing is not to change the fogging – white tape always sticks tightly. The headlight C – it worked even better the second I started painting it. It glittered like a Christmas tree. And the third headlight, which is also on the fuse box, which is connected to the street light, did not freeze even when it warmed up under the sun. It was