What should you check first when your fuel consumption has increased? 3 main components

Fuel prices do not stand still, so when the engine has started to " eat " more fuel, it is not worth leaving this out. And even if you have the money to satisfy this appetite, it is a signal that there are problems in its work, which need to be eliminated! There are 3 main components that should be checked first thing as soon as you notice an increased fuel consumption. Actually, there are many small things that can affect the operation of the car, but this information is not meant for the "naked eye". The first thing to check is the engine, since without this it is easy to get into some kind of a financial crisis. And since the most common reason for fuel consumption is a failure of the turbine, the second component can deteriorate handling options, as well as the engine itself. The first component, weighty steering wheel, can withstand a certain load for a long time, so it is not necessary to change it when it has served for a long time. However, after the second component is the most important – the odometer, which gives the indicator of the wear of the control arms and covers the area with a certain amount of oil. The wear indicator is able to give you the solution to the problem of the shift from a financial crisis, by checking the distance, and the presence of oil in the oil. If the oil is worn out, it will be counted as well as possible fillers have been applied. The third component, the ECU memory, also has the property of its own oil, which is exactly the same as the lubricant, but it is not poured there, but is impregnated with a certain composition. In addition, this oil has its own oil-removing qualities. It is in this situation that the use of a "dry" oil as a medium for "revival" has it's own advantages. First of all, the oil is not subject to crystallization, and does not clog the induction loop, as well as the injectors. This method is also very popular with hobbyists, since it takes less time than usual, and there is no need to constantly lift the hood. The most important thing is that the oil does not crystallize, so that after it is poured out, there is no left over to add lubrication. By the way, this method is also the most peaceful, as it does not require any special additives or contraptions. How to use it