What does washing the engine with diesel fuel do

Undoubtedly, the engine needs to be cleaned not only from the outside , but from the inside. But if everything is more or less smooth in the external factor, then the cleaning of the engine will have to be tailored to the needs of the car. The average speed of the engine is 55-65 km for a 50-100 thousand km engine. The average consumption of diesel fuel is 3.5-4 liters per hundred kilometers. DGMF How is it done? DGMF is probably the most common and least understood method of cleaning the engine. It is used by many and its advantages are clear. Benefits of using it are: Greasiness and safety The engine is very easy to wash, unlike when washing the body or the salon . Unlike with a brush, there is no streaks or oil deposits. Durability The body of the motorist after a long, or maybe not very long, experience with the car. The motor is not subject to pebbles and scratches . The car also does not suffer from frequent replacement of oil. the oil in the all-weather used oil will not "spring" out. Stability The car is not driven off the road often, which allows dirt to accumulate. on the rear wheels, small stones and rebar chips fly on the surface of the bodywork. The body is able to withstand up to to 300 thousand km . The most economical and not least efficient method is to clean the engine from the inside . The cleaning process. The first To begin with, the oil is prepared with a degreaser and basic cleaning procedures (including without the use of degreasers, washing with household soap is quite possible). Do not forget about degreasing